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Resistor color code decoder
for marking from 3, 4, 5 and 6 bands.

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Standard Resistor Values
from series E12...E192

1% resistors
color code examples
(E96 series, 5 band):
to calculate color to value select color of bands and 5% resistors
color code examples
(E24 series, 4 band):
select number of color bands: 3    4    5    6
 FAQ, help Help, guide to using the decoder

Value in bands:
x 10 Ω,
±    %,

to calculate value to color, enter the value in the form below


Resistance color code decoder function:

Decoding color of the bands into resistance value (it is answer on "what the resistance with the colors brown-black-red-gold?" and the like): select a number of color bands, choose a color to each of them. Under the resistance image the result will be displayed in the form X*10Y Ohm . In the field "RESULT" the same result will be displayed in the form of Ohm, kOhm or MOhm.

Encoding resistance value to color (it is answer on "what the 10k resistor color code?" and the like):  select range (Ohm, kOhm, Mohm) from drop-down menu, type value in RESULT field of decoder (digit only, e.g. 123, 12.3, 1.23, 0.123),  choose tolerance. Number and color of bands on the resistor image will be recalculated accordingly.

For more information about resistor color code decoder read HELP or see Reversible color code calculator.

Table above contains standard values. Table auto - scrolls to the value, specified by color code on the image of resistor.

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